Francesca Ciani


She comes from an artistic background, architecture and design. She works for over 10 years in a study of industrial design and furnishings. Collaborates with companies to develop pieces of furniture, bathroom furniture and household objects by using different materials, ceramics, glass, resin, steel as well as decoration. Her creations are marketed both in Italy and abroad where there were made several publications on his work. She has  participated in numerous exhibitions, receiving awards, and was selected in several competitions in Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, France, Greece, Croatia, Egypt, USA, Canada and Japan.



Renzo Billi

Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Padua. He worked gaining international experience in Germany, Switzerland, Israel as well as in Italy. His experience spans more industrial aspects of which he was responsible for managing teams in different companies: design, industrialization, times and methods, layout’s studies, quality control, techniques of lean production. He worked in several sectors: pharmaceutical industry machines, textile machinery, mechanical for the rail industry, automatic assembly and winding lines, motor homes manufacturing, picture frames moulding production.He has experience in the problems of design and production made to stock or to order, and line or fixed locations assembly. In his name were registered several Patents.